Rand Steam Gander: Part 2

As promised I thought to take you through the next three stores that we could stroll through. I had to show all of the restraint to not buy one of everything. First up is Nap Living

Nap Living

Nap Living is a beautiful, calm space that feels like you have just walked into a seaside store in a spa, this is really the only way to describe it. The store is stocked full of items that are neutral, black and white which is quite visually calming and I think I might be a little convinced to go completely neutral, wardrobe and all but first I need to convince the husband.

Tapenade & Friends

Tapenade & Friends is an amazing lifestyle store that has gathered amazing South African creatives and their workmanship into one space. With every turn you are surprised but just how amazing South African creatives are, from accessories, hand poured perfumes, furniture, gorgeous clothing and some olive products. The space is a celebration of what South Africans creators have to offer.


I have been a fan of the Rialhem ceramic studio for a while and taking any opportunity to add its distinctive beauty into a space. The store is a treat to walk in as there is so much on display. The items make wonderful , handcrafted gifts, from crockery, vases lamps and so much more. There is a lovely in store coffee shop that I will definitely be back to try out.

I hope this little sneak peak of what is happening at Rand Steam has you grabbing your keys and ready to explore what the centre has to offer.

Til next time, happy strolling & shopping!

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