Seven Questions with: Busaka Interiors

One wonderful find that has come from this year has been “bumping” into the Busaka Interiors team in the social media streets lets call it. I am besotted with their aesthetic and even more with the handcrafted products that they supply. So instead of keeping them to myself, I thought I’d share and get to know them a little better with you through Seven Questions. Grab a quick cuppa, settle in and read below.

1. Who makes up the Busaka Interiors Team?
Amanda Ruhukya and Ally Itimu- co-founders and interior designers. We call ourselves the dynamic duo!

2. What is your background and what do you do now?
I, Amanda,   have always known she wanted to be an interior designer and pursued it at a later stage in life. Ally has a legal background but always had a great passion for everything fashion and interior design. It’s amazing how both of us always helped in designing homes from a young age and when we met decided to partner and start up the company Busaka Interiors.

With the interior design world been saturated at the meantime, our focus is on home organisation. We find this fulfilling when we help people bring back functionality and aesthetic in their spaces. We also do staging and of course, we are talking interior design and decoration in its entirety.

We also have our handmade products that are made in Malawi and Zambia by very skillful and talented craftsmen. Hoping to find more craftsmen in other African countries. They are 100% natural and carefully designed. We take so much pride in these products and we wanted to show the talents that Africa has and it has a lot to offer in interior design pieces and furniture It is all about the heritage infusion.

3. What inspired your passion for design?
When it comes to our products, Africa is the inspiration. There is so much talent and creativity in the motherland, the craftsmen we work with, they have so much passion and therefore the inspiration to share the designs with the world.

4. What materials do you primarily work with and why?
Baskets and plants, it’s amazing at how these two pieces can change and fit in with any designs. We believe plants bring life and happiness in a space. Styling with plants compliments any décor style in any given space. Baskets add texture to a room and also hide a multitude of sins, a very versatile piece.

5. What challenges have you faced in the African design industry?
Africans are not big on online shopping, so to get trust from clients has been the biggest challenge. People are afraid of scammers which is understandable.

6. Where do you see Busaka Interiors in the next few years?
That is a million-dollar question because we have asked ourselves many times. When we first started, our target was to get recognised and once we received a positive response, we realised there is potential in growing and our dreams were stretched. It will be amazing for Busaka Interiors to be a household name and to have teams in several African countries and hopefully go international, but we are also very grateful for where we are right now.

7. There have been a lot of exciting developments happening in African design, are there any designs or designers that have stood out to you?
People of the Sun in Malawi,  their designs are amazing.
Mlondolozi Hempe, he is an inspiration
Karabo Poppy Moletsane  is an illustrator and we love the fact that her aim is preserving an African aesthetic in her designs and we relate because we want to maintain that in our interior designs.

Thank you to the Busaka Interiors team for giving us a peek into where they’re from, what makes them tick and what hopefully lies ahead for them. They are an amazing local duo that is definitely deserving of your support.

Do check them out on their social media pages below.

Facebook: Busaka Interiors

Instagram: @busakainteriors

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