Rand Steam Gander: Part 1

It’s that lovely time of the year again where I actually have time to leisurely stroll through stores that I have basically been stalking on social media and catch up with dear friends or in this case, do both at the same time. Chifu and I headed to Rand Steam Shopping Centre for an overdue catch up and it was worth the drive.


We first headed to CowFish, the menu has ALL of the deliciousness on it without being too confusing. As the name suggest its meat and fish on the menu, I had the salmon poke bowl (highly suggest), Chifu had the sushi & dim-sum ( SO good).  So glad to also find Duchess non-alcoholic G&T on the menu, a great alcohol-free option for the festive season.

Cowfish, Randstream Shopping Centre

Hers His & Home

We started off our walk around the shopping centre with Hers His &Home. A stunning concept store that keeps stock of all of the BEAUTIFUL¬† things I didn’t know my husband and I and our home needed. I found my eyes just bouncing around and finding item after item that would just be perfect. Bought a stunning dress that the owner based on one her mom originally owned (LOVE) and also tried out the Apartment unisex perfumes available in store, such a wonderful selection to choose from.

How are you still reading this and not already in the car & on the way?

Her, His& Home, Randstream Shopping Centre

August & Famke

Next up we headed to the August & Famke store which was such a treat. Beautifully designed space with lovely, summery clothing , accessories and jewelry that perfectly compliments it. If you were at the Handmade Contemporary Fair you would have seen the Famke stand so it’s definitely lovely to see this Cape Town brand having a base here in JHB.

August& Famke, Randstream Shopping Centre

There are 3 more stores I’d love to show you on Monday but there’s way more at the shopping centre so dont hesitate, it sure is worth taking a leisurely stroll.

Til then!

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